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Specialized Surgical Fields

· Breast disease

· Thyroid disease

· Evaluation of Breast and Thyroid Cancer

· Mammotome

Educational Background

· M.D. degree, Korea University College
  of Medicine

· Master's Degree, Medicine Korea
  University Granduate School

· Ph. D., Medicine Korea University
  Graduate School

  and professional Carrier

· Emeritus Professor, College of Medicine,
  Korea University

· Professor of Surgical department,
  College of Medicine, Korea University

· Chairmen of Surgical Department,
  College of Medicine, Korea University

· Vice-president for Medical Affair,
  Korea University and Director of Korea
  University Medical Center

· Visiting professor, Department of
  Surgery, Kurume University, Japan.

· Chairmen of board committee,
  The Korean Surgical Society

· President of The Korean Cancer Society

· President of The Korean Cancer

· President of The Korean Surgical Society

Edited(published book)

· 1. Breast Diseases and common sense,
  Moonyaesajo co,. 1992

· 2.Breast Diseases, Textbook of
  Gynecologic Oncology, Kalbin co., 1996

· 3.Breast Diseases, Textbook of
  Gynecology, Kalbin book co., 1997

· 4.Breast Cancer(Diagnosis, treatment &
  prevention), Euhakmoonhwa co. 2000

  (Full paper of Journal)

· Published over 190 subject including

· 1.Acessary Axilary Breast Excision with
  Liposuction using Minimal Incision:
  - A priliminary Report - Aesthetic Plastic
  Surgery(APS), 2016

· 2.A study of CDKN2/p16ink4A gene
  mutation in human breast cancer;
  The Korean Surgical Society, Vo. 55,
  No.2 , 1998

· 3.Fine needle Aspiration Cytology of the
  breast-Experience at an Out Patient
  Breast Clinic;
  The International Academy of Cytology,
  Acta Cytologica, Vol. 44, No. 3, 2000

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