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맹장염 수술은?

The treatment of appendicitis is surgery. If patient is diagnosed as acute appendicitis, emergency operation is conducted. Generally, surgery is divided into elective surgery and emergency surgery. Usually, cancer surgeries are elective surgery. Surgery is scheduled in advance on the day cancer is diagnosed.

맹장염수술 이미지

Before the 90’s, appendicitis laparotomy was performed which involved a large incision. After the 90’s, introduction of laparoscopic surgery allowed to conduct surgeries without having to perform laparotomy, involving small 3~4 incisions. However, laparoscopic surgery also left scars after the surgery. The surgery introduced after 2000 is the single port laparoscopic appendicitis surgery, known as no scar appendectomy that Dam So Yu Hospital is conducting.

About Peritonitis Surgery?

Perforation of appendicitis leads to peritonitis. The surgical method and incision of peritonitis surgery is same with appendectomy. For this reason, peritonitis surgery does not leave longer scars.

About Drainage Tube Insertion on Perforated Appendicitis
Not all patients need to have drainage tube inserted just because appendicitis progressed to peritonitis. Although patient might have perforation, if infection of the surrounding can be surgically removed, surgery can be done without having to insert a drainage tube which reduces the hospitalization period. If the surroundings of perforated appendicitis and other internal organs are mattery, or appendix 기시부 has been completely necrotized, drainage tube is inserted. This surgical technique allows both surgeries to leave an equal scar.

천공된 맹장염(복막염) 수술

천공된 맹장염(복막염) 수술

천공된 맹장염(복막염) 수술 - 배액관삽입

천공된 맹장염(복막염) 수술 - 배액관삽입

  • Surgical Scar After Perforated
    Appendicitis (Peritonitis) Surgery

  • Drainage Tube Inserted Patient’s Surgical Scar

before & after


  • Single Port Laparoscopic Appendectomy

  • Dam So Yu Hospital’s Single Port
    Laparoscopic Appendectomy Naval Scar

After the Surgery


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