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담소유외과는 진정한 외과전문병원 리더가 되기 위해 가장 먼저 도전하고 노력합니다.

여유증의 치료는?

  • The surgical method of gynecomastia is different depending on the types of gynecomastia. Fibro glandular gynecomastia surgery needs to completely eliminate the breast tissue while not removing the fat tissue which is beneath the breast tissue. Removal of fat tissue can lead to skin dent after the surgery.
  • 이미지 - 담소유외과 여유증수술(왼쪽 여유증이 심한모습 - 1.5cm유륜절개 - 제거된 유선조직)
  • The main part of pseudogynecomastia surgery is liposuction. Fat is removed according to the fatty tissue and the seed of breast tissue which is located right below the nipple is also removed.
  • 이미지 - 담소유외과 여유증수술(양쪽 유선조직이 많은 여유증 - 1.5cm 내외 우륜절개 - 봉합 , 흰색의 유선조직만 제거 - 유선조직 아래 지방은 남겨야함 - 지방흡입)
  • Both fibro glandular gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia surgery must remove breast tissue.
  • 이미지 - 담소유외과 여유증 수술(양쪽 유선조직이 많은 여유증 - 1.5cm 내외 유륜절개 - 봉합, 흰색의 유선조직만 제거 - 제거된 유선조직 - 지바흡입)
  • In gynecomastia, incision is very important because of the surgical-scar after the operation. The best way to hide the surgical scar is to incise beneath the areola and perform the surgery.
  • 이미지 - 담소유외과 여유증수술(유륜절개 - 1.5cm 유륜절개, 수술직후의 흉터로 보이지 않는다.)
  • The incision is made on the border of the areola and skin so that surgical-scar is nearly invisible.
  • 이미지 - 유륜하부 1.5cm 내외절개
  • As time passes by, the trace of incision disappears.
  • 이미지 - 여유증 수술흉터
  • The cause of gynecomastia recurrence is unremoved breast tissue. Gynecomastia surgery is fairly simple surgery. However, if the surgeon is unexperienced, after the surgery, patient can have problems with the breast shape and the experience recurrence due to the breast tissue that hasn’t been completely removed.
  • 이미지 - 재수술한 여유증환자 (타병원에서 첫수술 후에 유두의 모양도 접히고 유선조직도 제거되지않음을 교정)
  • Above image shows the contrast of Dam So Yu Hospital’s incision and the incision of the previous hospital.
  • 이미지 - 재수술한 여유증환자(타병원 첫수술의 절개선과 담소유 외과의 절개선 비교)
  • Surgical incision line can differ from doctor to doctor. However, if the incision is made on the upper area, this leads the nipple below to fold and leave surgical-scar after the surgery. Also, previous hospital failed to remove breast tissue wholly.
  • 이미지 - 재수술한 여유증환자 다시제거된 유선조직
  • To prevent recurrence, breast tissue needs to be fully eliminated. In Gynecomastia surgery, breast tissue is removed and the surrounding fat is suctioned. The discharge from the wound after the surgery is very unlikely to happen. Also, on the day of surgery, patient can discharge and further sterilization is not necessary. Patient is instructed to visit hospital a month after the surgery to check the progress of the surgery and shape of their breast. Gynecomastia surgery is a very simple surgery but it can cause aesthetic problems so the surgery area needs to be treated with caution.
  • 이미지 -지방흡입 - 담소유외과 여유증 수술(수술전 지방흡입 부위를 정하여 모양을 결정)
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